Reiki by Lori

Daily Affirmation

In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete.I now choose calmly and objectively to see my old patterns,and I am willing to make changes.I am teachable. I can learn. I am willing to change.I choose to have fun doing this.I choose to react as though I have found a treasurewhen I discover something else to release.I see and feel myself changing moment by moment.Thoughts no longer have any power over me.I am the power in the world. I choose to be free.All is well in my world. 

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Letting GO

Letting go 1. Set your intention2. SurrenderI am willing to let go of all past thoughts and fears that are holding me backI am willing to let go of all mind thoughts and clutter that prevent me from being truly present in the now I am willing to let go of all future fears and anxieties that may stand in the way of me becoming all that I am meant to be. 3. Pray for the highest truth and my highest healing to come about now. I ask for my intuition along with the help of spirit(my higher self) to reveal to me the root cause of my suffering, pain, or block. 4. Receive the answers(clarity)root issuesAsk who, what, where, when, where, how and why5. Grieve6.Forgive7.Find the gifts8.Get present and let go